Innovations in Pump Technology and Submersible Pumps Gradual But Striking

Submersible pumps operate while being completely submerged down into the well. This is unlike jet pumps which are fixed above the well or well house. Instead of lifting (as in jet pump), submersible pump pushes surrounding liquid or gaseous substances. Submersible pumps can be used in very long tube wells in which a long shaft might not be feasible. A submersible pump can also be installed in a well of inside diameter as small as 10 centimeter. These pumps are also advantageous in sites where flooding can be an issue. Being designed to operate while totally submerged in liquid, such pumps are not affected by floods.

Efficiency of a submersible pump is raised by direct coupling of motor and better cooling by submergence in liquid. Unlike computer technology in which development has been fast, improvements in submersible pump technology has come gradually over a period of time. Mechanical and civil engineers while working at individual factories and sites learn new things and this is how innovations take place in most of the industrial technologies. New-generation submersible pumps have ideal shaft-diameter to shaft-length ratios. They come with silicon carbide seals and highly efficient cooling systems. A pump manufacturer should be in a position to provide pumps in stainless or aluminum die cast alloy, as per clients’ requirements.

Today, systemic thinking finds its applications in integrating different domains like Finance, Production, and Human Resource into one and analyzing overall impact of one action on the whole organization. Systemic thinking is equally applicable within one domain while breaking actions into subparts. For instance, in the production of department of oil and gas wells, underground reservoir, producing well, surface liquid, and machineries deployed for gas handling form a complex, interrelated system requiring a systemic approach for better results. Demands are high so services has to be the best in the market to keep happy with the customers.

Introduced by Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. David P. Norton in 1992, business scorecard approach interlinks Finance, Customer, Business Process, and Learning and Growth. The strength of Balanced Scorecard is its forward-looking approach. Gumbus A. and Lussier R.N. define balanced scorecard as a tool to translate strategy into performance measures. It is a technique that enables an enterprise to clarify its vision and strategy and translate them into action. Moreover it brings in confidence to work services of the institution.

Thoughtful implementation of systemic thinking and business scorecard can improve performance of any engineering project significantly.

Sometimes, it makes sense to consider whether buying or hiring pump would be ideal. Many pump manufacturers offer pumps on hire, which can be small pumps as well as large pumps. One can hire pump for one day to several months.

It is important that with availability of interactive Web 2.0 computer technologies, there be frequent communications between field engineers and other stakeholders using online forums and other knowledge sharing tools on the Internet. This process should help to share individual experiences of engineering professionals globally and bring changes faster. Social networking in today’s world has really helped major population to get information regarding any material needed in daily life.

Snort Pumps is 100% subsidiary of Prestige Universal Mining Pumps (PUMP). Based in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia with a branch office at Townsville, Queensland, Snort under PUMP is involved in many national and international projects. Snort is committed to work on improving submersible pump technology and holds numerous patents to its credit. A large range of spare pump parts is also stocked including Snort Pumps, Flygt, Gorman-Rupp, KSB and all other major pump brands.

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